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The Relationship Between Motivation and Staff Performance

Understanding the relationship between employee motivation and staff performance is crucial for employee engagement and company culture optimization. The Relationship Between Motivation and Staff Performance. A motivated employee is a business's most valuable asset. Research shows that a highly motivated employee has a higher level of employee performance while the opposite is true. To improve performance your human resource department must find creative ways to keep people motivated in the workplace. Ways to improve motivation and improve performance in the workplace include- 1. Proper employee compensation- Many businesses incorrectly focus on what employees can do for them, instead of wondering what they can do to make sure each team member feels valued. A business cannot retain a motivated employee if they do not reward employee hard work and productivity. When an employee is not properly compensated their employee engagement and employee performance levels will suffer greatly. Some top talent employees may stay onboard and improve performance in your workplace short term. However, in the long term, a top talent employee's job satisfaction will lower to the point they will seek a good job elsewhere.

2. Positive company culture establishment- Great company culture is a top employee want in the workplace. Employers who make sure that job satisfaction and employee engagement levels are high will likely improve performance and improve employee motivation all while creating a company culture that is positive and productive. Make sure your human resource department creates the most positive work culture possible. When your human resource department makes an attempt to treat every employee well you improve performance potential for your entire company. Each team member should be recognized for doing a great job. Businesses do not often enough focus on improving their company culture one person at a time. However, one employee can help employee motivation transform completely if you reward employee hard work correctly. 3. Goal setting improvements- Make sure that every team member is given a voice in goal setting conferences. When you make an effort to make every employee feel like an equally important team member you improve employee morale overall. Each one person at your company should have goal-setting opportunities provided. Whether this is a part of your training program or a human resource best practice, it is essential to make sure a highly motivated employee stays on staff long term. 4. Analyze feedback- Who better to understand employee's wants and needs more than your employees themselves? Human resource departments should have each employee take routine employee engagement surveys to make sure they are doing a great job motivating employee development. When business leaders focus on positively developing the relationship between employee motivation and employee performance they will positively influence a large variety of business best practices. 1. Employee engagement boosts- A positive relationship between employee motivation and employee performance can increase employee engagement levels. In the United States alone, an estimated $550 billion every year is lost productivity as a result of disengaged employees. 2. Better incentives- Employee incentives are often considered the most effective way to increase employee motivation in the workplace. However, it is important to consistently increase incentives to increase employee motivation and employee productivity long term. These benefits may include-

  • Salary increases

  • Regular bonuses

  • Profit-sharing

  • Additional stock options

  • All-inclusive vacations

Any successful business has a great employee incentive program coupled with competitive employee job compensation and salary packages. To keep an employee motivated your human resource department must make sure to keep employee morale high through rich reward employee incentive programs. 3. Goal setting and goal completion- A business that includes the opinion of every team member possible will likely result in better goal setting success. Not only is goal setting improved but your objectives are more likely to be met and exceeded. Employee engagement and job satisfaction are dependent on the positive relationship between employee performance and employee motivation in the workplace. When you make sure your business is doing a great job motivating employee performance than your entire bottom line will profit.


  • There is a positive relationship between employee motivation and employee performance.

  • Both employee performance and employee motivation are important best business practice techniques and increase bottom line profitability.

  • Highly motivated and productive employees are your business's greatest assets and therefore should be considered your greatest investment to optimize long term success.

  • In the United States, $550 billion is estimated to be lost yearly as a result of disengaged employees.

  • Not only is employee disengagement costly but it can have disastrous consequences to your company culture by bringing down every employee's motivation levels.

  • Find unique ways to recognize when your employees do a great job, whether that is sending out a personalized email or rewarding employee hard work through financial incentives.

  • A highly motivated top talent employee will not have a high level of job satisfaction if their employer does not recognize their productivity.

  • Human resource departments should strive to motivate employee performance in the workplace through incentives and competitive compensation.


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