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The New Path To the C-Suite

So here you are... Searching for a new journey, perhaps you’ve been entertaining the idea of movin’ on up not to the Eastside but perhaps to the C-Suite! Well, tap your heels three times and you’ll find that you are not in the same place anymore. You will find yourself in a very different time! So why is it so different, what’s happened ..? There are a couple of main reasons: It is ultra-competitive - The average job advertisement is pulling in between 60 and 100 applicants! There is also technology - This has played a big part in the shift as it is super easy to click a button and apply to anything at any time. Due to this shift, leaders and executives alike have evolved and so has what they’re looking for. And as with most situations that have changed, we also have to change and take on a different approach because a different approach will get you different results. So although tin man, lion and scarecrow will not be joining you on this new endeavour. I will be the Wizard of Oz and guide you along your new brick road, with SIX steps, you NEED to consider AND begin implementing TODAY... If you want to be a leader of tomorrow and YES be a part of that C-Suite… 1.Your Unique Value Proposition A couple of questions you may not have pondered for a while or at all is: What makes you, YOU..? & What is your genius zone..? If you want to become a leader of tomorrow you will need to have this information firmly planted in your mind. Unpack, unravel and understand what sets you apart from everyone else because it is your UVP that will get you soaring up the ranks…

2. Become an Authentic Leader Embrace your authenticity, go on give it a big cuddle! Doing this will be invaluable in understanding you and your values. You see at a C-Suite level you want to make an impact. To make that impact you need to influence the right people. You need to think about your reputation and being on the same page and by this I mean... Having credibility, having the same values and working with like-minded people, because if there is a clash then you can’t influence. If they don’t buy into what you’re suggesting then you can’t influence them. You must understand your values, what’s right from wrong and how you define them. When you do this you can use that information to be an authentic leader. Utilise it to manage your leadership both upwards and downwards and get your team on board. This will assist you in becoming conscious and hopefully different to those who have managed you where perhaps they didn’t have the skills (or were basically crap). Ruffle feathers, rock the boat, be YOU, be authentic and be on-brand if you want to be a leader of tomorrow.

3. Build Alliances The relationships that you have created need to be placed in a rocket and launched to the next level. By doing this you will create a powerful network, a network of people that will advocate and promote you, they will support you as you embark on your climb to the summit. You must surround yourself with those that will have your back.

4. It’s Time to Shift! Having technology and functional expertise is no longer enough! These skills need to transition into leadership skills. Don’t freak out if you’re thinking “I don’t have ANY leadership skills, I have never been a team leader or manager…” Print off your resume, go through it with a Bic and an eagle eye! By doing this; by unpacking your skills and experience you will no doubt uncover areas where you have taken the lead, where you have managed projects or tasks or even teams. Focus on the commercial impact you made on the bottom line within those companies. The upward impact you had and the downward impact also.

5. Know and Set your Boundaries Here is where you need to evaluate what’s on your plate. What are the key projects you’ll be involved with. If you are being asked to undertake projects that will get you off purpose you need to say NO and delegate the work to others who are more suitable. You see it’s important to stay on track, to be able to prioritise YOUR career development, prioritise where it is YOU want to go. Now I am not recommending you go into the office and discard all the tasks that no longer align with who you are (however appealing that sounds!). Think of it as a systematic and slow shed… Delegate the aspects that are not going to serve you and bring you to that next level. Once you do let them go. Start taking on new projects which are more aligned with you, illustrate the other skills you possess that are going to get you visibility and get that strong network (mentioned in point 3).

6. Take Control of your Career Development Go on take a look… A long hard look at yourself… Why? Because it will help to discover where you want to be or go in your career. Then, do something, and do it today! It doesn’t have to be grand in size but it does have to be something to get you moving in the right direction. Be intentional and take on the responsibility yourself and control of how it takes form. You cannot rely on or leave it at the hands of your company. You see, if you do and they aren’t taking your career development seriously then your growth path has an instant roadblock. That roadblock will be your fault! How is it your fault: “That’s a bit, harsh lady!” Because it’s your responsibility. Your growth, your upskilling, your path to the C-suite lies in your hands, you need to step up and make it a priority and a reality. If you find yourself in a place where you require help to make your career a priority then there are many options. One of those options is working with a career coach, working with me, as I understand what’s involved and can assist you in making your career a reality as I have done so for many other clients. If this is what you want if you are wanting to be a leader of tomorrow, an executive on the path to the C-Suite you will need to show up as a different person. You need to become different… No, I don’t mean sell your soul or play politics. I mean find the positions that are aligned with you and can be shaped to suit who you are and what you need. We often put ridiculous pressure on ourselves to show our value to prove ourselves and work really hard. However what you do need to do is show your leadership skills, how you will lead today to do so tomorrow. People want authenticity and conscious leaders you have to adapt and change your approach as different times will get you different results. If this inspired you then please pass it on... If you want to learn more, please connect with me across my platforms so I can help you and others who are searching for a better path.


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