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The 5 Best Executive Job Interview Tips

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and tough.…But executive job interviews can be even worse. They frequently last for days and involve tough tasks and decision-making exercises. But what if you had an unfair advantage? Perhaps a set of executive job interview tips that seem to automatically convince the job interviewers that you’re the right person for the job? Well, in this article I will go over exactly that : The 5 best executive interview tips that will help you land your dream role.

1. Prepare to win

A Tony Robbins quote states that “People are rewarded in public for what they practice for years in private.” and this is no different when it comes to executive job interviews. Nowadays you can find every job interview question under the sun on the internet, from your standard “What are your weaknesses?”, to the more obscure Tony Hsieh question, “On a scale of 1-10 how weird are you”. Going through all the industry specific questions will stop you getting caught out by tricky questions and help you preserve your unflappable quality. Action step : Produce a spreadsheet of likely interview questions and recruit your partner or coach to conduct a mock interview.

2. Master your body language

You may be the most effective executive on the planet, but if you don’t have an executive presence and aren’t likeable then you won’t last long. Simple things like eye contact, sitting posture and clear speaking patterns all help you convey confidence and competence. Action step : Visualise the interview going well beforehand and conduct a series of “power poses” (like the superman pose) to increase confidence and certainty.

3. Gain a deep understanding of the company

The success of many of your interview answers will be dependent on context ie. The answer will be strongly dependent of the company’s goals, challenges and culture. Make sure you know the company inside and out to show you’re the right man to lead the company forward. Action step: Reach out to anybody you may know (or even a random employee) and ask them about the culture and any tips that may give you a competitive advantage in an interview.

4. Show leadership qualities

In a regular interview leadership qualities are important, but in an executive interview they’re vital. How does he make decisions? Can he deal with difficult situations? Can he make tough decisions? These are all executive job interview questions employers think about before hiring an executive. Action step : Convey your leadership qualities by showing the process of how you make decisions, no matter how tough they may be. Learn more about leadership coaching with us.

5. Have a vision

A vision is what drives a company forward, which is why it’s such an important quality for executives to have. It combines a deep understanding of the company with the biggest opportunities and challenges of growth. Action step : Imagine you’ve just been given the executive job. What are your priorities? How will you ensure growth in your first 6-12 months? Where will the company be in 5 years under your leadership? After taking action on these executive job interview tips you should have a great chance of landing your dream role. But if you want a greater chance of success, consider getting personalised executive coaching at Executive Connexions – If you believe in leaving no stone unturned in your pursuit of success then this is for you.

Here’s what one of our previous clients said : “(Commenting on coaching inputs) Excellent advocate of the mock interview, studying the potential interviewer (including the business), and really playing the devils advocate. Then surmising the discussion and pinpointing on all the strengths and weaknesses: his feedback was instrumental in the approach I then took with two (independent) company interviews, from which I received two job offers. I really believe that I would not have been as well prepared (or got the job offers) had he not drilled, prepared, guided, and importantly – been the devils advocate asking those tough questions. “

So if you’d like some support to help get you across the job interview ‘finish line’, then contact us for an informal, complimentary discussion. Learn more about what is executive career coaching.

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