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How to Create a Positive Coaching Environment

The ideal workplace environment is one where managers and employees can communicate consistently and openly, whether it's in relation to personal, professional matters or organisational performance and development. Many organisations aspire to achieve this kind of open, positive and supportive environment as workplace coaching is growing in popularity. What started off as one-to-one coaching sessions for individuals, turned into organisation-wide coaching initiatives aimed at nurturing future leaders and is now becoming a new foundation for effective workplace culture. However, establishing and maintaining a coaching culture in the workplace can be challenging and take long time to achieve. Here are three steps to help you along the way:

1. Choose coaching culture ambassadors In order to create a strong and consistent coaching culture, it is crucial to identify a few senior leaders who could take on the role of coaching culture ambassadors. These individuals would show (not just tell) your employees what coaching culture is, they would spread the word and commit to tackling any obstacles that may arise along the way.

2. Spread the skill Create training and upskilling initiatives available across all levels in your organisation and make sure to actively encourage employees to engage with those. Managers and leaders will require professional training in order to begin implementing new mindset and techniques into their everyday work and conversations.

3. Monitor and review Monitor your culture and track your progress. As in case of any new policy or strategy, it is crucial to identify the elements that work and those that might have to be dropped or improved. Below are some aspects that you could review to assess your culture:

  • flexibility and openness of your leadership team;

  • dynamics between co-workers (Are they competing or collaborating?);

  • the attitudes of your employees towards everything that happens in your company.

Embedding the coaching culture into an organisation is a long-term strategy rather than a "quick fix". You will know that you succeeded when coaching begins being seen as your manager's natural responsibility and the opportunity for the rest to develop and grow.

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