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Give your C-Level Career the Edge – Become an Expat

To enhance your C-level career becoming an expat is a viable option. A year spent overseas will give you a competitive a edge over your contemporaries, and as such this could be the difference between getting a promotion, a new position, and securing your current one in wake of mergers and acquisitions. Why you hold this thought, let’s take a look at why spending time in cities in the middle of deserts and jungles can help your career considerably.

Reasons you must become an Expat Kudos Without question spending time as an expat looks good on your CV and resume. It always catches the eye, especially if it was a particularly successful part of your career. Showing headhunters, recruiters, and decision makers that you can go to a foreign land and perform is the equivalent of a sportsperson rising to the challenge on the big day. There are several reasons for this:

  • Overseas postings can be hostile climates. The Middle East, Far East, Central America, South America, and Africa for example have harsher and different climates than Europe and North America. This can be difficult for outsiders to these lands to adapt.

  • The culture is different as well. A lot has been written about expats and their families who have struggled to come to terms with the demands of a new culture, and this is a factor that you underestimate at your cost. Showing you have the mettle and gumption to adjust shows that you have the mettle and gumption to adjust to anything.

  • Moreover, it shows you can work with international teams and get results. This is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Needless to say that this comes through on your CV and resume to your credit.

Language Skills Language skills tend to improve as well. Most expat work environments are comprised of an international team. There are also programmes whereby you can learn the language of the country you’re living in. This to, looks good on a CV.

An Expanded Mind A better understanding of the world ensures when you work as an expat. This is inevitable as you experience life in a region first hand. There is a lot of truth to the expression travel broadens the mind.

Think Promotion Promotion opportunities often happen overseas. Being willing to take advantage of them not only shows your line manager you’re ready to further your C-level career and aspirations, but it also shows your ambition. Spending a year or two in an expat country gives you a solid platform to return at a higher level than when you left.

Stronger Character Moving to a new and different part of the world is character building. Having lived out of your comfort zone for a year or two is an experience that isn’t for everyone. Earning the expat badge is not just good for your CV, but builds strength of character as you conqueror challenges not many people face.

Contact List and Networking Your contact list and professional network will expand rapidly working as an expat. You will acquire contacts from all over the world, and the more contacts you have the more career opportunities you will gain.

How do I Become an Expat? To become an expat you should consider establishing a C-level personal brand and ensuring your CV and LinkedIn profile is up to speed. This will give you the tools you need to catch the eye of people who can open the door to a move overseas. Our packages have been designed to facilitate expat career transition at C-level, and in the first instance you should consider ensuring your documentation and professional value proposition

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