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9 Essential Leadership skills you need to learn fast

Leadership is all about the vision. I know there are so many other skills a leader should have like communication skills, decision making, accountability and humility, but this all is not worth having if the person does not have the vision.

Meaning of leadership The perfect definition of leadership does not exist, and everybody has something different to say about leadership. In my opinion, a leader is a person who has developed a set of skills and has become better than others, and the leadership is all about the vision somebody has. Leadership skills are the ability to see something or do something that others can’t do. Leadership is when somebody can make others believe in his vision and make them work together as a team and help them grow individually. A leader is the face and backbone of a movement while the people are the heart of it. He inspires and motivates people through his vision.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the wayJohn C Maxwell Importance of leadership skills

Whenever there is a goal and a group of people working for that goal, there is a need for a leader. This goal can be of any type, and the work of a leader is to reach the goal in a most effective way. Leadership is important in all segments of life. It can be personal, profession or social segment. A leader is responsible for initiating the actions in a team to motivate the team, to provide guidance and coordinate with teammates. He is the one who builds confidence in the team and also builds a working environment. He is the one who takes accountability for his decisions.

Leadership Skills There are some core skills which a good leader should have. This skills can be developed by time and practice.

Communication: Communication is one of the most important and basic skills every leader should have. A good leader needs to convey his vision and ideas effectively, and this is only possible through communication. A bad communicator can never be a good leader because only words have the power which can make your follower do anything for you or any goal. A communicator is always a good listener, so a good leader is always a very good listener who listens to his follower and then take decisions accordingly.


Accountability is that skill of a leader which brings faith and trust in your followers for you. Arnold H Glashow said “A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit.” A true leader always appreciates his teammates or followers efforts and always takes responsibility for his wrong decisions he never runs from his responsibilities and always take stand for his followers. Always be accountable for your actions not only when you are a leader but also in your personal life too. Accept the fact that you are a human and humans makes mistakes, if you can make the right decision, then your decision might go wrong too. Always be accountable for your wrong decision, this will evolve leadership in you.


A good leader knows the importance of delegating small tasks to his subordinates. Many of us find it hard to delegate our responsibility or tries to do all the work by yourself, but this will only decrease your efficiency and keep you always busy. A good leader knows how to delegate the task and only do the important once and delegate the other tasks to his subordinates. When you delegate your task to your subordinates, you can measure their performance and also observes their strong and weak points. This helps you know your team better, and it improves efficiency and builds trust between you and your team.


This is a skill great leader’s master. Whenever his team gets demotivated because of some negative atmosphere or any failure, a good leader motivates his team through his words and build their confidence back. You should be an inspiration to your team and always remember your action inspires your team more than your words. Always act positively, confidently and deal situations as a leader.


If you want your teammates to be devoted to your goals, it is mandatory that you are committed to the goals first. Commitment is a thing which can be seen In your actions. When your team see your passion and commitment towards your goals, it becomes the biggest motivation for them to give their best towards the goal. This way, you also gain respect and trust among your teammates so always be willing to put your extra hours to your goals. Commitment can’t be shown by words it can only be seen in your actions.

Creative thinking: Creative thinking is an approach to solving problems in a non-traditional way. A good leader always thinks out of the box and come up with unique ideas and turn those ideas into reality. When you start working for a goal, so many problems come in your way, which needs a different approach to solve, and a good leader always inspires his team to think creatively. Creative thinking is something which makes you and your team stand out of the box.

Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and differentiate emotion and use this to guide behaviour. A good leader knows to manage his team’s emotion effectively. A good leader is always connected to his people emotionally. He has better social awareness and seamless communication with his teammates. An emotionally intelligent leader can influence his audience to that level where they accept what leader says without a second thought. Emotional intelligence also helps a leader to control their emotions in negative situations. This prevents them from making the wrong decision in stressful situations. You can see this quality in the most prominent leaders of all the times.

Humility: A vital characteristic which should be present in every good leader is humility. It leads a leader to focus more on thinking about there people not on there position. A good leader never feels proud of his status, and a good leader is selfless and humble. This is the character through which a leader wins his/her people’s heart. A person with pride will never come to know the area of his life where he needs to work and as a leader, you always need to work to your weak points and improve them and this is only possible through humility. Humility is the key to your inner well-being.

Honesty: honesty is the best policy we all have heard that, and as a leader, we want our teammates or followers to be honest with us or honest towards our goals. This is only possible when the leader is honest. Everybody talks about the upper qualities, and nobody talks about the inner qualities like honesty, integrity and humility. This is the qualities which a leader must-have. Honesty is the core quality of a leader. As a leader, if you want to achieve respect and trust form your followers, you must need to be honest. Only those leaders who stick to their core values and beliefs honestly will undoubtedly reach their goals and wins their people heart.

How to become a leader You don’t need people to lead as a leader to become a leader. Leadership skills is a personal skill which everyone can develop by taking small steps and bringing above qualities in their life. If you work for an organisation always try to come on time, do your work with full honesty and dedication, always help your juniors or colleagues whenever they need your support. Always be humble and try to take accountability for your wrong decisions. Work on improving your communication skills. Read books about leadership skills. This will give you a very close view of leadership qualities. You can also try podcasts that are offered online. If possible, try to ask a leader you follow to mentor you and try to be always with them so that you can learn as much as possible things from them. I think having a good mentor is a blessing that’s a sure way to success. There are so many effective leadership skills courses or workshop online and offline if you are not able to find out any mentor in your surrounding them get guidance from people how are giving this by taking some fees. Your money is worth investing in this type of training also try to spend on your brains. This is the investment which will bring more success into your life.

Conclusion To conclude I just want to say leadership is a skill which can be learned. you just need to work hard then your teammates that’s the only way by which you can earn their trust. By working you improves your knowledge and productivity which directly motivates your team and makes you able to provide them a right direction towards your vison. Always try to motivate others and always appreciate them for their good things.


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