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7 Tips to Tap into the Hidden Job Market

1. Cold Messaging If the idea of cold messaging someone by phone or email makes you anxious, don’t worry, you’re not alone! But, cold messaging employees at companies you’re interested in working for can be a great way to tap into the hidden job market and make contacts.

2. Use Social Media Many companies are active on multiple social media platforms. Check out their sites to see where they maintain accounts, and make sure to connect with them. For the purpose of cracking into the hidden job market, try to focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. Those two platforms tend to get the most job market engagement with employers, hiring managers, and recruiters.

3. Network Creatively Don’t bank on tapping into the hidden job market by simply networking through LinkedIn or only attending local events. Think outside the box and utilize all of the tools and resources available to you. Network online, through social media, and in person. The further you cast your net, the more jobs you’re likely to catch. Remember, though, you need to nurture your network, so try to return the favor for those you do reach out to.

4. Use FlexJobs FlexJobs is the leading source for flexible and remote job listings. If you are looking specifically for flexible jobs, FlexJobs is a great place to find flexible jobs that you likely can’t find elsewhere. And because every job is vetted for legitimacy by our in-house team, you know you’ll be safe and free from scams.

5. Subscribe to News Alerts Subscribing to news alerts will keep you in the know when big changes happen with companies. While these alerts won’t necessarily be about jobs, you can learn more about a company and find the jobs from there. Maybe it made a recent acquisition. Or perhaps the company just closed the deal on a large plot of land. Either way, these alerts can help you tap into the hidden job market before active hiring starts. Also, consider subscribing to industry news alerts to stay aware of changes in your field. And consider newsletters, too, as another great source of insider information.

6. Check Your Alumni Association The alumni association is often an overlooked resource. While they tend to have a lot of information about entry-level jobs, there is so much more! From connecting with other experienced professionals who are alumni to connecting with employers interested in the school, there is a lot of potential to crack into the hidden job market.

7. Go to Conferences (When Safe) Conferences are also a great place to start conversations with someone who might know someone who knows someone who is hiring for the exact job you are trying to land. Even if you don’t snag an interview that day, you are connecting, growing your network, and engaging in professional development, which says a lot to employers. Attending conferences might include a hefty price tag, so keep an eye out for virtual conference and educational opportunities.

Find the Hidden Job Market The hidden job market isn’t necessarily secretive, it just takes more digging. Take the time to explore the different avenues, grow your network, and use the resources available to uncover what has been there all along.

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