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6 ways to use technology more effectively in your job search

With the advent of new technologies, the process of finding a new job is changing rapidly, and is very different now to what it was even 5-10 years ago. Social media, online job boards, mobile apps and so on have all made the job search process far more interactive and transparent. Employers are now able to find out a lot more about you, and have little difficulty with distinguishing between what is true and what is embellished. No longer are you restricted to two sides of regular-sized paper. However, these developments also present greater opportunities for jobseekers to sell themselves to employers. No longer are you restricted to two sides of regular-sized paper to try and convince recruiters and employers that your vast experience and complex personality are well suited to the position. Now you can evidence this through a variety of media channels; providing a full and robust declaration of your expertise and ambitions. Being social media savvy is now the minimum requirement for candidates within many industries; however there are still a few extra, lesser known ways you can embrace modern technology to help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some of them that I’ve identified:

1. Have a social media spring clean As I said, being social media savvy is now the least that employers expect of you. 68% of employers will search for you on Facebook, so make sure that if your profile is easily discoverable that you haven’t done yourself a disservice in what information you include on there. Survey results show that 86% of employers believe candidates should make their profiles more employer friendly, so aligning your social profiles with your professional persona is an important part of selling yourself.

2. The devil lies in the detail 76% of CVs are ignored if the email address provided is unprofessional, whilst people form an impression of one another from their photo in one tenth of a second. Most of these issues come down to common sense; just make sure that you’re presenting yourself well wherever you can be found and that you’re offering current and accurate information.

3. Go mobile with your CV A visual version of you provides far greater insight to prospective employers. With online job boards, job email alerts and recruitment company apps you can now job search wherever you are. Create a mobile-friendly downloadable PDF which will enable you to apply for positions on the go. In doing so you’ll be maximising your available job search time, as well as making sure you’re ready to apply for the most appealing positions as and when they are posted. Storing your CV in an easily accessible location online also means that employers can review it 24/7. Recruiters spend an average time of 5-7 seconds reviewing your CV, so make sure yours is devoid of all formatting issues. The information included needs to be readily-available and as clear as possible.

4. Make your application interactive Video is something which is only recently beginning to be fully utilised in the job search process. Skype interviews are increasingly common, however video CVs and cover letters have not quite taken of as of yet. Whether participating in a video interview, CV or cover letter, make sure that you’re fully prepared. A visual version of you provides far greater insight to prospective employers than a sheet of paper. Make the most of this by ensuring that the backdrop is clear, your dress smart and yourself well-rehearsed. YouTube is the third most visited site in the world – and its popularity shows no sign of waning – so video CVs are something that I expect to catch on a lot more in the next few years. They’re a great opportunity to demonstrate your skills and creativity.

5. Network online Effective networking is perhaps the most crucial step in your technology-savvy job search process. Make yourself easily discoverable across all social media sites by following this advice. Interact with brands you love, contact people you admire, blog about things you’re passionate about and develop your network. LinkedIn is unrivalled for professional networking; it’s used by more than 90% of recruiters and employers to source new candidates, more than any other social media site. Hays recently hit the 1 million follower mark on LinkedIn, so here’s our guide on how to optimise your profile.

6. Look in the right places Make yourself easily discoverable across all social media sites. The last thing to understand about making full use of technology in your job search is knowing where to look. The latest and greatest positions can be found from a variety of sources, such as newsletters, individual job ads on LinkedIn, online job boards and individual recruitment sites. You can also use your research skills to do some homework on your interviewer, should you be successful with your initial application. At Hays we encourage you to contact your regional office. Also, follow us on LinkedIn and locate the recruitment professionals relevant to your field. The job search process is ever evolving; as new mediums and platforms emerge it’s important to stay on top of the latest development. Through using a variety of methods in your job search, such as those outlined above, you give yourself a better chance of being contacted by prospective employers. The above information will help you to secure a position using the most modern methods, make sure you take full of advantage of them. Good luck in your job search.

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