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4 ways to tap into the hidden job market!

Shocking as it may sound but 80% of all available jobs are never advertised! This staggering number is one of the major obstacles that most jobseekers face when searching for jobs. Fact is, there are plenty of “hidden” or unadvertised jobs out there, but finding them takes a bit of luck and a lot of smart unearthing tactics. And knowing how to access this hidden job market can give you a major advantage over the others. So, how do you tap into this ‘unknown’ job market? And how do you effectively turn yourself into an insider to open doors to the hidden job opportunities!

Here are a few strategies that we recommend : What is the hidden job market? The hidden job market means jobs that aren’t advertised or posted in the usual manner. These include newspapers or online classifieds, websites, career publications or job boards. And as per statistics virtually 80% of jobs fall into this category.

Why do companies use the hidden job market? Companies a lot of times prefer not to advertise jobs to save time, avoid cost and manpower related to advertising and interviewing. Busy recruiters often avoid advertising to evade intricate recruitment processes, hordes of applicants and piles of generic resumes. Instead, they make use of referrals and social networking to find prospective candidates.

But why are Jobs hidden? Even if some jobs are hidden from public, it doesn’t mean you cannot access them. In fact, the jobs are not actually kept hidden! They are simply meant to be filled by applicants who deserve them.

Below are some reasons why some jobs are kept hidden by employers : • Jobs that are reserved for particular candidates with particular set of skills and expertise. • A particular position that employers have decided not to broadcast publically but which is known to the consultants, other company employees, hiring managers and even the ex-employees. • A position which is not open at the moment, but would be in the time to come. In which case, timing is extremely critical as the new hire should be available at the accurate time.

Some strategies to uncover the hidden Job Leads : • Network: Yes, we’ve heard again and again how everyone networks and how it’s the most important things to do as a today’s jobseeker. But we want to lay stress on the benefits of networking with a purpose. Talking to people you know in your industry and asking relevant questions; about their companies, the industry, about constantly staying in touch and keeping a check on the forthcoming openings or opportunities. • Being linked through social media: Your online presence and profile could be the ticket to your next job! So ensure its current to your existing circumstances. Visit the list of all your contacts to see what’s up with them. Make an effort to applaud those who’ve found a new job or have advanced in their professions. These people might actually be the ones to have an inkling of the hidden opportunities in particular because their situations have changed. • Reconnect: Not been in touch with family or friends? Reconnecting might actually open up doors and help get you a new job. It’s better than later regretting that one of your friends or family knew of a possible good opening! • Research: Make it a constant habit to research about your industry and companies you wish to work for. Discover all that’s available publicly. If the unknown job market is the result of employers’ stealth, think of this as your reconnaissance. Reserve the information for future as well. • Cold-calling: Prepare a cover letter putting together the info you’ve discovered. Let the employer know when you’ll be calling for follow up. • Volunteer: This act of yours may or may not produce a job lead but there’s no harm trying! It will not only build your network but also give some gravitas to your CV that isn’t job-related. Associations built through volunteer work are often informal yet deeper than the ones which develop through customary networking. Although we’ve strived to boil down the unknown job market to some easy tips, these methods are not the only means to exploit it. “There isn’t one single best technique to find a job! Do your own digging around and unearth the opportunities that are right for you!

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