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Welcome to the secret job market

Are you looking for a C-Suite position?

Are you looking for a board membership position?

Are you looking for C-Level Management for your company?

✅ Uncover unadvertised C-Suite positions so you’ll have little, if any, competition.

✅ Headhunters always calls you when you don't need them. Sounds familiar?

✅ C-Suite Positions are not open to public. They are exclusive. Would you like to know the way to access top decision makers in powerful positions?

✅ You feel like your getting always the same boring job offers?

"We kicked off our sessions with the PREDICTA|ME Power Profiling.
Here I was able to make a deep dive into my personality and reflect on various leadership issues.

This helped me immensely to find potential blind spots, but also create awareness of my stronger tendencies.

I have to say I was quite impressed by Jakob’s ease of how he maneuvers on the board and C-level. His exclusive C-level and board level network supported me greatly to reach my goals.

You want numbers? My investment in Jakob gave me a return of 1000%


"I started the C-Level Executive program with the Predictame Power Profiling, which gave me a genuine understanding of who I am, where I excel, and where my professional blind spots are. This first phase of the C-Level Executive program also helped me to visualise which is the best professional environment for me.

Jakob’s coaching techniques also strongly-supported my decision-making process. Knowing I was on the right path gave me real confidence. Jakob’s substantial experience in this area helped me identify professional challenges and provided solutions. His understanding of the C-Suite job market is exceptional.

I wish I had met Jakob earlier! As a career navigator for major career decisions, Jakob is best in class.

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Create a Plan

Create a Strategy

Social Media Marketing 

Market Research 


Create Compelling Profile

Create Awareness of Yourself 

Environment Fitting 

Job Matching to Personality 


Uncover Unadvertised Job Position 

Intelligence Gathering 

Penetrate Secret Job Market 

Creating Strategic Power Network  

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